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I've worked on various programming languages and on diverse projects. Web development, App development, and UI/UX is what I love. But where there is a code, there is a !


Hi! I'm Kushagra (कुशाग्र). Mathematics lover, and well, is there anything that is not mathematics? I'm passionate about technology, science & philosophy (Wannabe Philomath).

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    Feb 4, 1996
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    English, Hindi, French
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    Tennis, Puzzles, Maths, Travelling
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I've a simple philosophy - this Universe is a mathematical equation; and for I-don't-know-which lemma, all the variables are important. We all contribute to the Universe, and the Universe gives us life.

TECH and things

C OpenSSL C++ Android SDK Django Perl BSON SOAP Wordpress Java Codeblocks Robokits Netbeans GIT Windows App XML Visual Studio J2ME Simulink WinHTTP Visual C++ Asterisk jQuery libXML Perforce BCrypt VoIP JADE PHP Joomla Windows HTML NDK SQL Photoshop Unity MATLAB JavaScript AJAX OpenCV Android Studio Eclipse Phonegap Bootstrap cURL IntelliJ CSS Laravel JSP TCL AngularJS Python Magento VB Linux SimpleCV Titanium

The LIFE Till Now

PGP, IIM Bangalore

On the MBA roads, learning to market, learning to finance ;) And, NetWorkIng.

Mar'16 - Dec'16

Software Engineer, Grofers

Working as Software Engineer (Read - Android developer!), in Technology team. Working on the Consumer app

Mar'16 - Dec'16

AutoVolume, on Play Store

Published my first app on Play Store. A simple utitlity to change the volume level when you're connected to differnt WiFi. Most common use case being as soon as you reach office, your phone connects with WiFi, and volume becomes low. ( No more phone ringing loud at work! )

Nov'15 Download AutoVolume

Engineer, Associate, Qualcomm India

Working as Engineer, Associate, in Location Technology team. Working on Distance Based Tracking & Continuous Tracking for Windows Phone & PC Drivers. Developed an Application to route the correct path of approximate GPS path coordinates for Automotive

Jun'15 - Present

Free Calling Without Internet over WiFi

Developed an Android application to call without internet over a WiFi network. An internal server on the WiFi network was built using Asterisk VoIP server for routing the calls.

Summer 2015

Various projects / freelance

Developed various websites, worked as Freelance for Couponzclub, Flipshope, EcommerceJobs, Magnimopus etc. Also developed chrome and mozilla plugins, many apps, and so on. Couponzclub Chrome Plugin, Couponzclub Mozilla Add-on, Fasket Outlets, Programofreaks, Kesher Guest House, IITianopedia, A Game of Life, Online Examination Project, HTML5 Whiteboard etc.
Also contributed to open-source projects like PhpMyAdmin, won a few hackathons and built a few robots!

2012 - 2015 Visit Programofreaks for Freelance

Teaching Assistant, IIT (BHU), Varanasi

Taught C/C++ programming

Jan'15 - Apr'15

An Integrated Intelligent Grid Control with Hybrid Multi-Agent System Information Processing

Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Technology. Developed an Integrated Intelligent Grid Control using MACSimJX and JADE to ensure stability of the power network.

Jul'14 - Apr'15

Internship at Qualcomm India

Worked as Intern in Location Technology team. Developed mobile driver module for Indoor Positioning System as GPS assistant for Windows Phone 8 and worked on Mobile Service Advertisement Protocol by CISCO. Used Visual Studio as IDE and worked on various encryption algorithms like AES, SHA256, MD5 etc, BSON, SOAP, TLS Server Certificates, Milenage algorithms, MSAP etc in Visual C++ using Win APIs.

Summer 2014

SmartPhone for Eye Examination

Developed an Android Application and companion hardware to detect Glaucoma, Cataract etc by Bruckners Test and other screening tests using Anterior and Posterior images of the eyes taken by a normal phone camera. Device authenticated for safety by various ophthalmologists.

Summer 2014

Learnt French

Bonjour messieurs et mesdemoiselles !

Jul'12 - May'14

Cofounder of Fasket

Worked as the web developer of Fasket, a company providing home delivery of the restaurant food. Have made its website, which has everything for an online order of food, complete database of restaurants etc.

Sep'13 - Jul'14 Visit Fasket

Surya Siddhant

Developed a software in Java which calculates the planetary positions using Surya Siddhant of Indian Astrology. Extended to develop complete Panchang, Kundli and much more things using the Surya Siddhant.

Aug'13 - May'14

Manager of AIESEC, Varanasi

Worked as the manager of CIM team of AIESEC, Varanasi chapter of AIESEC.

Feb'13 - Sep'14 Visit AIESEC Varanasi

Internship at Health and Nutrition Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Made the Calendar app and secured first prize in the competition, followed by the internship. Developed web application which suggests the users their balanced diet on the basis of current diet, and companies may compare the fitness of its employees.

Summer 2013

Ascensor.js Development

Contributed to Ascensor.js, a jquery plug-in, which aims to train and adapt content according to an elevator system. It is used by many websites across the web and forked by more than a thousand web developers.

Spring 2013 View Ascensor.js

Internship at Knaptus Ltd, London

Worked as the Android App developer and developed an application for Knaptus Ltd., a London based company. The application is used as a handy to capture and save the scores of several games.

Jan'13 - April'13

Undergrad starts

#3476 in IIT JEE. Started Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi. Probably the youngest to crack JEE in 2011.

July 2011

First Game

Developed first game in C graphics & Java Swing, followed by several games and various mathematical theorem implementation over the next three years.

Demo & Codes 2009

First Code

Started Java at the age of 11


First Love

Fall in love with Mathematics <3



Yeah, obviously.

Feb 04, 1996


Hi again! Want to talk? Contact me, and I'll be happily there ;)

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And making the Universe more beautiful, more creative, more technological and eventually more happy is my long term aim.